Eager Eggers Flock to Toronto

It’s been a busy few months! I’ve had lots of exciting projects in the works that have been keeping me out of trouble (heh heh), and in May, I had a chance to “play” little bit and help out at the first ever 3-day pysanka retreat held in Toronto! What an “eggstraordinary eggsperience”. Read on to learn more about it!  Continue reading “Eager Eggers Flock to Toronto”


UCPBA Award Nomination!

Exciting news!  Ptashka has been nominated for the 2016 UCPBA Award!


The Ukrainian Canadian Professional and Business Association of Toronto (UCPBA) has been an integral part of Toronto’s vibrant Ukrainian community since it’s inception in 1935. This organization is a link between Canadian-Ukrainian professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners and community leaders in Toronto. Continue reading “UCPBA Award Nomination!”

Christmas Spiders!

Christmas SpidersEvery year, The Gardiner Museum kicks off the Toronto holiday season with their elegant and artistic 12 Trees exhibit. This annual exhibit showcases unique interpretations of Christmas trees artistically decorated by some of Canada’s top designers and institutions and sponsored by supporters of the arts. This year, the Ukrainian Museum of Canada (Ontario Branch) was honoured with an invitation to participate in this prestigious event. Continue reading “Christmas Spiders!”

Banduras & Rockstars!

BizCard_thumb_80x80Red boots, sharavary, tattoos, leather pants… hmmmm… doesn’t sound like your typical Ukrainian concert, but that’s exactly what you’ll experience on October 24, 2015 when the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus joins Ruslana at Massey Hall in Toronto. Continue reading “Banduras & Rockstars!”

Tarnished, but not forgotten…

BizCard_thumb_80x80Some time ago, my friend Lesia asked me if I would be interested in designing a book cover and interior for her. “Sure!” I said, “What kind of book?” She went on to explain that she had been working on a young adult novel loosely based on her Baba’s experiences in Germany during the Second World War. Interesting, I thought… and asked her if I could read it. She sheepishly sent me an unedited version of Tarnished, stating it was really rough and still needed alot of work.

Well… even in a rough, unedited state, it left me speechless. I was more than halfway through Tarnished before I was able to put it down for the first time, tears pouring down my face, thinking of my own grandparents and their WWII experience. Continue reading “Tarnished, but not forgotten…”

Gongandze Memorial Day in Kyiv and its Canadian link

Kyiv September 16 2015BizCard_thumb_80x80If you found yourself in Kyiv on September 16, 2015, you may have been witness to an event commemorating the countless journalists who have died in Ukraine since 1991. The memorial event honoured slain journalist Georgiy Gongadze, who was brutally murdered 15 years ago when he uncovered and publicized corruption in the Ukrainian government. Countless citizens gathered on Khreshchatyk Street in the heart of the Ukrainian capital in tribute to Gongadze and other heroes, unnecessarily sacrificed, in pursuit of a right most of us take for granted: Freedom of Expression.

Attendees lit candles on Maidan Nezalezhnosti and carried signs depicting a kozak’s silhouette with an empty speech bubble above, with the simple, yet powerful text ОЗБРОЙТЕСЯ ПРАВДОЮ – ARM YOURSELVES WITH THE TRUTH – the central theme of the event. Continue reading “Gongandze Memorial Day in Kyiv and its Canadian link”

Happy New Year!

BizCard_thumb_80x80Happy New Year and Merry Ukrainian Christmas celebrations everyone!

I’m happy to share with you this interview that I did recently with a new friend from my neighbourhood, Steph Fazio – of Lealou. Steph is one of those dynamic “get stuff done” moms that everyone in our neighbourhood seems to know, with the most darling kids, impeccable design sense, curious interests and a great attitude on life. She also happens to be an avid Etsy shopper, so hey-  what’s not to like?  I took an instant liking to her when we met and was really touched when she asked me if she could interview me for her blog (gee, am I that interesting?)!

Have a look – and take a virtual stroll through Steph’s blog too – she finds the coolest stuff! I particularly like her “Links I clicked on this week” section – short and simple, and always great stuff!

Interview with TanyaM


Brotherhood, past and present…

BizCard_thumb_80x802014 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Taras Shevchenko – Ukraine’s most famous cultural icon – and Ukrainian organizations all around the world have been commemorating this historic anniversary in different ways. The US-based Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus celebrated this remarkable poet (after whom the ensemble is named) with a CD release of Shevchenko’s most famous prose, set to new musical arrangements, some of which have never been heard or recorded before. UBC_BrothersWeShallLive_1500x1500_v2 Continue reading “Brotherhood, past and present…”

Hetman Awards

BizCard_thumb_80x80The 17th Annual Hetman Awards are coming up!

This prestigious award was developed by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Alberta Provincial Council (UCC-APC) to recognize members of the vast Ukrainian community in Alberta who dedicate their time and expertise to benefit Ukrainians in their province. This year there are a record 10 recipients in the youth, adult and senior categories, and I’m so proud to say that one of them is a long-time friend of mine!


Continue reading “Hetman Awards”

Business Profile on MyMimico.com

Ptashka_1000x1000Ptashka Arts was just featured as a local business on MyMimico.com – a magazine-style website dedicated to sharing information about the Mimico and South Etobicoke neighbourhoods.

Read the whole PtashkaArts profile here: http://mymimico.com/profile-ptashka-arts  and check out the other great businesses in this vibrant and thriving community in South Etobicoke!

Thanks Adrian Coimbra for featuring me!