Symon’s Pirate Paaaarty

BizCard_thumb_80x80Hard to believe that my little guy is 5 and a half already.  Yesterday was his half-birthday so I thought I’d reflect on the fun we had for his Pirate-themed birthday party in March.  What 5-year old boy doesn’t want to dress up and pretend to be a pirate for a day?  Heck, even 55-year old Uncle Matthew was excited to put on a pirate hat, although this tends to be a little too familiar for Uncle Matthew.  But that’s another story…


To set the tone for the paaaarty, I did “X marks the spot” scrolled map invitations for our guests.  Since they were all hand-delivered, we didn’t have to worry about ruining the “scrolled map” feel by folding them into envelopes. And the kids got such a kick out of unwrapping a pirate map and seeing what this was all about!


Hooray for Play is a great indoor playground located in South Etobicoke, and happens to have a gigantic Pirate Ship climbing structure – perfect for our event.  We had the kids walk the plank, stomp on balloon “cannonballs” tied to their ankles, and Symon’s dad hand-painted a 12-foot long treasure map that led to buried treasures for the kids.  A super-fun time was had by all, big & small!


Instead of cake, a friend made the most incredible pirate-themed cupcakes I have ever seen in my life.  Almost too good to eat!!  Almost…


And to top it off, each little pirate took home their very own foam pirate sword and Pirate Loot – a canvas bag filled with pirate essentials: gold coins, ring pops, a compass, water gun, telescope, goldfish crackers, an eye patch, and random trinkets.


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