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BizCard_thumb_80x80I was recently hired by St.Vladimir’s Institute to produce their quarterly newsletter, VISTI (News). St.Vladimir’s has been a student residence and ukrainian cultural centre in downtown Toronto since 1963 and offers a rich and diverse program of cultural events, including: language lessons, icon painting, lectures, art exhibits, a library and documentation centre, culinary lessons, etc… It seems there is always something going on at St.Vlad’s! The building is constantly buzzing with excitement, and VISTI keeps their loyal membership up to date about life and events at the Institute.

VISTI Summer 2013


SVI was looking for a new, fresh look for VISTI, one to pay homage to the past 50 years of cultural life and inspire the next generation. An elegant 50th Anniversary logo was commissioned (coincidentally, by my talented husband) to identify events surrounding the Golden Anniversary – this was to be the centerpiece of VISTI’s new Masthead.

VISTI Summer 2013VISTI Summer 2013VISTI Summer 2013

A great project to be a part of! I’m so very proud to have been chosen to work for this professional and well-respected branch of Toronto’s Ukrainian community. They were very pleased with the results too – our first issue with the “new look” garnered so much attention, they returned to press to print additional copies!

The Summer 2013 issue of VISTI can be downloaded here: VISTI Summer 2013
Please visit for more information about St.Vlads.


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