Ancient reindeers & Christmas cheer!

BizCard_thumb_80x80It’s that time of the year again – Christmas preparations are underway!  It amazes me to think that we spend nearly an entire month each year (almost two months for ukrainians) revelling in the spirit of Christmas!  Think about it: holiday shopping, decorating our homes, St.Nicholas concerts, baking, Christmas carols, visiting loved ones, and my personal favourite… Christmas cards!

This year, along with the help of my husband, I finally got around to producing some contemporary Ukrainian Christmas cards, something I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time!


Ukrainian Nativity

Many people don’t realize that the legend of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer actually dates back to the Trypillian civilization (4800-3000 BC). True story.  Legend has it that it was a red-nosed reindeer who led a group of hunters to safety after getting lost in the woods one snowy winter night (perhaps they didn’t want to stop to ask for directions?)  After that, the Trypillians, a matriarchal society, left the hunting to the women.*

Trypillian Rudolph Card

Additionally, the Scythian civilization (600 BC-300 AD) have a legend about a red-nosed stag who would bring gifts of gold to children during the winter solstice. Imagine! *

Scythian Rudolph card

And, as usual, our family ornament cards are going out in the mail! I started this tradition five years ago when my eldest son was a pip-squeak and I was so touched to find out how many of our friends and family keep these paper ornaments and hang them on their tree year after year!

Ornament2013_web22013 Ornament Card

Merry Christmas and Веселих Свят to you all!
May your holidays be bright, filled with love and joy…
May your кутя stick to the ceiling all year long and bring you a prosperous 2014…
And may the homes of your loved ones be decorated with Ukrainian Christmas cards purchased from my Etsy shop!

* Just kidding… these are not true stories about the Trypillians and Scythians.  Just a fabrication of my over-active imagination combined with sleep deprivation and a generous serving of wine.


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